Jack Adamant - And I Lyrics
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    And I

    And I have you if you do not mind
    Now it’s only you who I care about
    It flows like a lie through the wind
    Your empathy is like never before

    And how can I forget? you standing in the way
    Of me asking myself if you’re only in my head

    And I have to speak and think fast
    We do not want to be left behind
    This is part of me, this is a true fact
    I can’t touch you but we share a heart

    Only in my blue mind, only you can wake me up
    Hit me and try to knock me down again
    With a medicine that is strong enough

    And I have to tell you if you’re the one
    And tell the whole thing to everyone
    I see you changing clothes with a certain style
    But when you look at me I can’t see your eyes


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