Jack Adamant - Faithless Universe Lyrics
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    Faithless Universe

    Last gaze into the starlight and I’m done
    One of these nights I’d rather go blind
    No need to shelve a dream to find a way to react
    We expect to sense a shiver running down our spine
    We can’t ever feel sorry again to do it on rebound to feel good

    Time to share our sad sides to repair these scares
    Now that our stereo chose to play again
    No need to tame your mind, just be there off guard
    ´Cause what to fear after all, it can still be inside
    But only happens when you’re asleep and you wanna back down
    Both we know what it takes to change, it takes no time
    On the way we need to walk, there’ll be stars in your eyes too

    The lady has reached her place but the shape looks like a cake
    The piper has lost the rights to stay and
    He doesn’t seem to depart not even to try
    No one else will find this place in their minds
    Mermaids and knights play chess meanwhile
    You may try to run but the coin says tails

    You’re going downstairs, don’t touch or peep doors
    Lay down, don’t play dumb, don’t aim to have fun
    Do not be afraid when a rug can fly the sky
    Do not be afraid when even you can ride a cloud


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