JAMESY! - Aight Lyrics
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    Hello? (check, check)
    Hello? (Yo)
    Hello? (Yo, listen)

    [Verse 1]
    Middle fingers in the air, I do not give a care
    About you niggas talking down, aight
    I know I'm 'sposed to cry and talk about suicide
    But it's just me & the homies getting fried, aight
    Bitch, I said what I said
    So I left you on read
    Don't be getting misled
    Or you'll be dead, aight
    I keep a fucking strap, no cap
    I put the A-Town on the map
    But they don't like the way I rap, aight

    [Pre-Chorus 1]
    I can't lie, I can't lie
    Put your middle fingers up and aim 'em at the sky
    I know this year's been shitty but I ain't tryna cry
    I'm not your fucking therapist my hands are simply tied
    (Whoa-whoa, yeah)

    Aight, aight, aight

    [Verse 2]
    How you doing, JAMESY?
    I'm doing good, (Doing good)
    Your Twitter fingers will not fucking last in the hood (In the hood)
    I'm just simply being super ignorant as I should. (As I should)
    I put your grandma in this fucking Backwood. (Huh)
    Lost my grip on reality (Go)
    Sippin' lean, that shit's bad for me (I would)
    Know what's actually good for me (So I)
    Put my dick in your bitch's spleen (Skrrt)
    I push my problems aside, I put that shit in the lyrics
    I heard your bitch wanna slide, I don't think you wanna hear it
    I just pulled up to the party and all these bitches was white
    I'm doing what I do best, I pretend it's all aight

    Aight, aight, aight

    Fuck it, I'm gon' be alright (yeah)
    (Mumbling) am I alright?
    I'm alright


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