Jamie Madrox - Jamie Madrox TikTok Rap 5 (Jamie Madrox on the mic)* Lyrics
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    Jamie Madrox TikTok Rap 5 (Jamie Madrox on the mic)*

    Try to suppress the message in an effort to steal hope
    I hope they know regardless that that hope will still grow
    I hope you know an artist's work an extension of soul
    Whether he draw paint build sculpt music or lyrical
    Attachment like emotional caught up in a fixation
    It's somewhat a roller coaster extension wore out my patience since
    Things were better 'fore they did before they didn't
    It nearly flipped the players fitted reflected on products I revisit
    My brain from my thoughts drifted
    Trying to keep up on the level of the gifted and dead lifted
    I push up on the beat rhythm like my bench press
    You can count my tracks as my ref
    Some people deal in money others strictly in respect
    When it come to my music I look for both when we connect
    So I can split the shit to bend an ear and break a neck
    And stay up in the top ten rappers that you select
    Who got next?


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