Jane Siberry - Call Magic Lyrics
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    Call Magic

    Make way!
    Oh my gosh, I almost didn't make it! But I did
    Make way!
    And I have so many messages for you
    From the villages that I've passed through
    Issa, over here!
    This is part three of a three-part story
    A little bit strange
    A little bit funny
    A little bit gory
    Here we go

    [Verse 1]
    And as I came around the corner of the building, I saw embedded in the wall, I saw a shell. And I saw a most beautiful pearl. And I saw the footprints of a dog, and I saw a word: M-A-G-I-C. And I looked over to you in your garden, and you leaned forward to me and you said, "How beautiful!" Thank you! "No, how beautiful are the columns of thе temple that have found thеir way here, right now."

    [Verse 2]
    We can climb the highest mountain
    We can ford the raging river
    Even as we make the waitress cry
    Even as we curse the next guy
    Even as we brace for attack from our fellow man
    And we can hear a child crying on the other side of the world
    Even as we can't hear
    Even as we can
    Even as we can't hear our own friends but—

    [Verse 3]
    And I came around the corner of the building and I saw embedded in the wall a shell, a pearl, a seven-league boot, the footprints of a dog, and I saw people streaming past you in the garden. Where were they going? Hey!

    Call magic!

    [Verse 4]
    A man approached me on the street and he said, "You're so attractive." I know. "Your legs are like columns in a temple, I just want to caress them and I—" And I said, aren't you my girlfriend's boyfriend? "Oh, I'd never do anything. I just thought you valued honesty." I do. "I just thought you valued openness." I do. 

    Call magic!

    [Verse 5]
    Just then a woman came walking towards me wearing what looked like a superhero's cape but not quite. Very plain and unassuming. And as she passed, she looked at me and her eyes were bright blue and piercing and brimming with intelligence and humour. I felt like I'd been zapped. 

    [Verse 6]
    You never know who you're talking to
    You never know who you're walking to
    You never know, you never know who you're sitting beside
    You never know who you're taking for a ride
    What? I take people for a ride?

    Let go
    Let go
    Let go

    Call magic!

    But he just wouldn't let go of it
    (Let go)
    He said he'd never do anything but he wouldn't stop saying
    (Let go)
    What he wouldn't do. I couldn't stop him

    Call magic!
    Not now
    Call magic!
    I'm too busy

    [Verse 7]
    And I came around the corner of the building I saw embedded in the wall a shell, a pearl. I did not see the footprints of the dog though. Hey!
    And then I passed three men at the side of the road, smoking
    (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
    And then I passed a couple talking
    Marry me, I can't marry you
    Marry me, I won't marry you
    Muh, you make me feel almost sleazy!
    It's not that you judge
    I don't feel like you do
    It's just how wobbly my spine feels when I stand next to you
    I pick up the phone, I don't call you
    I pick up the phone, I don't call you
    Marry me, I won't marry you
    Muh. Muh schmuh! Why doesn't he just marry her?

    (Let go)
    But I didn't understand, you see
    (Let go)
    She was just asking about integrity
    (Let go)
    And my judgment of this couple started to make me feel so sleepy
    (Let go)
    As if I'd been running through a field of self-vampirizing
    (Let go)
    Poppies, the poppies being me

    Call magic!
    Call magic!
    Call magic!
    Call magic!
    Okay, magic!!!
    Like that?

    [Verse 8]
    And to my great surprise, a big black dog came bounding towards me. Wha? Is this Magic? You want me to take Magic for a walk? So Magic and I started walking towards the next village. We passed three men—Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.) We passed three children—they were humming at the side of a field and the field was beginning to change, to come back to life. And I felt like I'd had bandaids ripped from my eyes and I was so—grateful?

    Not exactly
    Not exactly!
    Not exactly!


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