Jane Siberry - Take Me to My Tent Lyrics
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    Take Me to My Tent

    [Verse 1]
    Take me to my tent, I am so tired
    Take me to my tent, I am on fire
    Take my horse away
    Give him fresh water and the sweetest hay
    I almost lost my faithful today

    Send a girl to my tent
    Let her voice be low and well-modulated
    Let no harshness thrall my ears tonight

    [Verse 2]
    Take me to my tent, I am so tired
    My eyes are burning, my throat is parched
    My sword arm heavy from the march
    I spent all day on the white hot plains
    Guarding all of my terrain

    [Verse 3]
    I heard a sound in the birdsong
    I saw a sign in thе morning dew
    I knew today would be thе day
    That I would be the hero true

    Send a girl to my tent
    Let her hands be soft and cool
    Have her wash my aching body
    And get the small of blood out of my nose

    [Verse 4]
    I waited 'til I saw them rise
    Above the crest, the whites of their eyes
    I kicked my horse forward
    He was coming at me
    Leading his army
    My mortal enemy

    [Verse 5]
    I surprised him with speed
    My sword hit its mark
    But as he fell to the ground
    My horse stumbled
    I tumbled upon him
    We lay breast to breast
    We lay there like lovers
    And what happened then I cannot say

    [Verse 6]
    I scrambled up from his bloody breast
    I flung myself upon my horse
    I let out a cry to end all cries
    The rage in my heart that day
    I remember it still

    [Verse 7]
    I must have killed a hundred men
    And so they'll say in minstrel song
    I will go down in history
    A hero of brotherhood gone wrong

    Send a girl to my tent
    But there must be no sex tonight
    For surely a single kiss would draw a child

    [Verse 8]
    And when I've rested I will join
    My men around the ring of fire
    The sparks fly up, the stars fall down
    We draw our plans upon the ground

    [Verse 9]
    No suicide shall keep me
    From this game of cards I chose
    The general is lonely
    But this is his job and thusly
    He accepts


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