Jayniac Jr. & Bass Ranger - Ripe Livid Lyrics
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    Ripe Livid


    Spoiled rotten, I'm spoiled sweet
    I'm not an [?] negro, I'm just upbeat
    I don't need drums to satisfy
    My need for recognition I internalize
    I may not seem like an average caucasian
    I may not rap like a black man chasin'
    Fame and fortune, who needs all that?
    When you've got four strings and a mic, in fact
    You heard me right, I'm playin' the bass
    Take those extra strings and get 'em out of my face
    What's that phrase again? When you feel jealous
    Of someone living life as if they couldn't care less?

    You're ripe livid 'cause I'm not livin' like you
    You're ripe livid 'cause I'm not livin' like you
    You'rе ripe livid 'cause I'm not wastin' my time
    You'rе ripe livid 'cause I'm still doin' just fine
    You're ripe livid 'cause I'm not losin' my way
    I'm ripe livid 'cause I'm done singin' today

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