JC Wayne - Love and a Half Lyrics
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    Love and a Half


    Now she actin like she my little baby noose

    Don't go outside or even look onto the news

    All you'll see is me hangin from your truth

    Cuz you broke me and now I know we're through



    There's demons in my brain and they won't go away

    Anxiety and depression is all I feel everyday


    Verse 1:

    Mmm livin without love

    The worst part about life

    I thought you were a dove

    But you were just a kite

    Flyin farther away from me every single night

    Remеmber how we always used to say goodnight

    Now I'm stuck tryna еscape on a flight

    Cuz you always in my head, girl in my mind

    Can't get rid of all the things you've said to me

    Feels like you just stabbed me and left me to bleed


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