Jidenna - Worth the Weight Lyrics
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    Worth the Weight

    People, confusion going on
    Why don't we just learn how to live with one another?
    It's not really impossible, why do we have to make it so hard?
    With so much pollution and erasion, why? Why?
    If we can learn how to live with one another, then we can learn who is going to take the weight?

    Wait, I think that you'll find it
    Wait, wait, I think that you'll find it
    Wait, wait, I think that you'll find it

    [Verse 1]
    Yeah, yeah
    I go for the record, I don't just go for the medals, bro
    Niggas used to know that we stronger than the devil, bro
    Since I buried Papa in the village with the shovel, bro
    Every move is bold, ain't no time for bein' subtle, bro
    In the face of evil, I can find the needle, haystack
    Could have freed my people if this weed was legal way back
    Po-po spun the wheel on misfortune, but I ain't play that
    They come round and pat-pat-pat us down but I ain't Sajak
    I escaped the trap, I escaped the cubicles, bro
    I escaped the drive by's, drop the funerals, bro
    And I beat the case, and I beat the chase, woah woah
    Can I keep the pace? Can I keep the pace ? I'on know
    I escaped them tryna bleach a nigga's brain
    Coulda went to Wall Street, instead I built up my own lane
    Rather have a street in my own name
    Or money with my face on it like I'm Prince Akeem

    You not gon' see me frowning in these days and times
    You see, the days of the Oyinbo man are numbered like football jerseys
    We now know that all of our suffering and smiling has been worth the wait!

    [Verse 2]
    My nigga, who knew?
    Who knew that that boy from Enugu wit' the booboo on his knee (Knee)
    Back then was actin' like a poodle on a leash (Leash)
    One day he'd have to learn the juju on the streets (Streets)
    Starin' at death, like, is your shooters gonna squeeze? (Squeeze)
    Freeze, please
    As a little boy slangin' chains back in Chinatown
    Thinkin' to myself, I'ma build a blacker kinda town wit' my, wit' my, wealth
    And I pray that I'm the brightest sound that you ever felt
    I'ma take a million flights around, 'til that shit is felt
    That's that lead the way, ayy
    That's no piece of cake, ayy
    That's that troll online that live inside the tree all day, ayy
    That's that he so gay, ayy
    That's that she so fake, ayy
    That's that insecure, ayy
    That's that Issa Rae, ayy
    You do you, me do me
    So long as you don't fuss wit' we (We, baby)

    I believe it's time for an African peoples' powered highway
    The highway that will connect the Diaspora and Motherland
    A global highway for African people all over the world to rediscover themselves
    To remember that the only thing that unites black people, globally, the only thing we all have in common is that we are from Africa

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