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    Tag: YamaDa!
    Ooh, this that Drake type beat
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Let's go

    Call my phone (Uh)
    He alone (Uh)
    My boy said he won't go
    So, I'm kickin' out the hoe (Ah)
    Imma choke
    And I don't even smoke (Ok)
    I'm sniffing on my balls, that shit stinky, I need soap (Yeah)
    I be woke
    I be woke, uh (Ahh)
    I be fuckin' drinking on some Starbucks
    And my homie just said he gone try to pull up
    We gone take a quick trip to Femboy Hooters

    Femboy Hooters
    I'm a loser
    But I'm sticky with the sticks, call me shoota
    (But I'm sticky with the sticks, call me shoota)

    [JLP] Luxx - !HOOTERS lyrics
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