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    He didn’t know how to control it
    The mood swings would be explosive
    Manic is a state where you feel Lowe’s but see highs
    I can see the woes in his eyes
    Because the side effects of the medication ain’t worth the lies
    At least I don’t have to live in disguise
    He surmised
    I sat back aside
    Because I’m ain't gonna lie and say
    I know what he feels inside
    The hardest wounds are the ones you cannot see mentally especially
    It’s a special place for me
    When my brother from another
    Feels like he got abandoned by his family but understandably

    I know it feels like you carry this load
    And you gotta move that thing on your own
    Make sure that you find a place called home
    When Life taking you through the high and lows
    And feel it likes your walk is alone

    Make sure that you find a place called home
    I can’t sleep at night
    Thoughts racing
    Mario Andretti
    Heartbeat unsteady
    Ready to go

    Fear does not stop death
    It stops life
    Invitation from the spirit that keeps
    Me Hype
    Stop asking me if I’m alright
    Tormented heart
    Pressured speech
    Light to the dark
    I hope you know this
    And I know you notice
    To go from overconfident to hopeless
    Is corrosive
    Manic episodes
    Monsoons to an overcast
    Hydro planing in a hovercraft
    Feeling sad then I sort of laugh
    If this my frost cross to bare
    I guess imma be holding that

    Main ingredient
    Substitute of original flavor

    Can’t be marketed for mass consolidation
    Problem with no solution bad math equation

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