Joe Stu - Prey4us Lyrics
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    The court Cold hearted
    Arteries on freezer burn
    The road already curved to the point you don’t need to turn
    Stay right
    Fast life in a faster town
    You need amphetamines
    Just to calm your ass down

    Dangerous to be a rapper
    Debuts turn to
    Dedication albums after

    Because if you dead
    Then you tend to get better promotion
    Stream your albums in the afterlife
    Praying on your fan emotion
    Life a Roller coaster
    Magic Mountain
    Royalties are worth pennies in the wishing fountain
    I wish I was lying
    I mean look I ain’t trying
    To say I’m a conspiracist or nothing
    But I wouldn’t doubt it
    Got thе Cards stacked against us
    So we bluff
    Till we gеt a straight house
    But suite of diamonds ain’t good enough

    Judge give a sentence runs on w/no period
    With them funny moves you just
    You can’t take life Serious
    Probation rules
    Mass incarceration
    To mass supervision
    This is a tradition
    It’s all folklore when you facing a conviction
    That’s why
    Stepping on crack breaks your back no
    Catch fat lip from the pharcyde
    Cash bail system
    Got you fried no
    Do a fish fry with a slice of bread just to get bread
    On Trumped up charges
    That you facing head up
    Guess that’s what makes America great
    You vs. the state with
    Public defender
    Is suicide at best
    Like Gen-z rates
    Wrong skin tone
    Wrong status
    Wrong issues for you debate
    Wrong turns in the right direction
    Wrong to torture ppl just for tax apparatus

    I’m sure you can relate

    I pass these gems
    Like baton
    On track and field relay

    Predatory systems
    Off of violations

    They can make slave off of an entire nation

    Prison complex the new plantation

    They can make slave out of entire nation

    It’s a murder scene With an

    It’s a Zoo out there
    We the animals

    Hunted in the wild
    Prey on all of us

    Hope they find God
    Pray for all of us

    My cousin been locked for 10 years ikii
    Get home in 10 months
    Wrote him a lot
    Bu t I ain’t see him once
    Recently called
    Sent him money on his books
    I know proud I graduated
    Cause I stayed in those books
    Now I’m writing a book
    Gotta publisher on consignment
    His jumpsuit is
    Tailor made
    For confinement
    We spoke about perspectives
    And experiences behind it
    The operator reminded
    We ain’t have much left
    No waisted breath
    When he get back
    He concentrated on getting them checks
    And can’t stop at red octagons
    Shape of things to come
    LDepending on what block you on
    He said Even if you animal you still food
    Put a pouch in his stomach for jumping like kangaroo
    Told him tom cruise
    The only way should ride out
    Till he touch home where he can hide out
    That truth
    Hard to bear
    When you Barely acting right
    Ain't No happy campers here like
    Bears at a picnic site

    So frustrated
    Make you want to pick a fight

    I had the nerve to tell him pick life
    How am I to judge when the shoe ain’t on the other foot
    He chuckled a little and told me to keep reading books
    Had to agree it was a better look
    Different situation better circumstances on the path he took

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