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    All i got is patience
    Ain’t fakin’ ‘till i make it (wait)
    Y’all know the boy gon’ make it
    It’s never been mistaken (never)
    All i got is patience
    Ain’t fakin’ ‘till i make it (wait)
    Cuz i’m about to make it
    Been patiently waitin’
    Ain’t nobody know what i can do yet
    I’m learning every day so that the boy can be fluent
    In way too many ways because the brain gone stupid
    I’m tryna pave the way for ones that need some influence
    Doin’ — anything
    I’m really sayin’ anything
    Go run or find a game to play
    I’m sayin’ we’re all capable of bein’ great
    We just gotta find somethin’
    I’m a fan of humpin’, and jumpin’ as i’m comin’ for ya muffin
    Bumpin’ up our ugs, that’s stuffin’
    You’re shoutin’ “‘twas thе best time evеr; no bluffin’!”
    It ain’t even nothin’
    I’m stuntin’ on you frontin’ motherfuckers while i’m blunted, bro, the boy been bummin’, been becomin’
    The person that i gotta be, i’m bigger than a bee, and beebe been buzzin’, but i found myself and stopped it
    “thank god”, means thee, we’re the prophets
    To accomplish, we must change the process
    No nonsense, i promise, i’m honestly modest
    For life, i’m the fondest, i finally woke up and i’m on it
    When caution comes knockin’, i’m calmest, i got us
    The king in this game, where’s my goddess?
    My words may hurt you, but take the time to read ‘em and they might rebirth you
    Got a couple tracks i’d refer to, but i’d prefer you to find them on your own; i won’t serve you
    You know the truth, why’s it hurt you?
    Ego’s way too big, let go fool!
    Why you always actin’ like the shit, when you ain’t? that’s tofu
    Run the track back, i just told you
    The blueprint and formula, viewing the truest of warriors, perpetual states of euphoria, taller than ten stacks of foreigners, hundreds of oreos, i’m glued to your corneas
    So glorious, like the face that ya make when your mail’s comin’ through with the courier
    Hope i’m not boring ya...
    That’s impossible, monster flow treating your ears so luxurious
    Louis vuitton’s what they’re callin’ my vocal chords
    You should tune in, but that’s not up to me
    Stage 5 of shit talkin’, spittin’ on beats
    They want us controlled, it’s so easy to see
    All we can do is just wait and be patient
    Don’t waste the one life you got as complacent
    Livin’ it day after day with the same shit
    Or when you time out, you’ll just fade like the day
    “lame” on the gravestone is what it’ll say
    You point and you blame, it’s your claim to the fame
    Stay in your lane, there’s no reason to hate
    Chess, never checkers, i’m playin’ the game — dang!

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