Kanye West - Skeletons (V1) Lyrics
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    Skeletons (V1)

    [Intro: Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd & Kevin Parker]
    Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
    Ooh (Yeah)
    Feels like slow motion (Yeah)
    We're floating at the speed (Yeah)
    Whooh (Yeah, yeah)
    Louder (Louder)
    Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher (Uh, yeah)
    It's like standing in the ocean

    [Verse 1: Kanye West, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams & Kevin Parker]
    People say I want world peace (Uh)
    Jerome's niece got shot in the dome-piece (I don't know a sound, yeah)
    So Jerome went and bought his own piece
    Thinking it would hеlp him find his own peace (Just let this wash on mе, bad like memories, ooh, standing in the ocean)
    Sometimes I bug out
    It's not from being drugged out, you think?
    It's from being ridiculed and snubbed out
    Wrote the Donda chart and was laughed at, at the valley
    Thrown in the valley (Just let this wash on me)
    Banished back to Cali' (Ooh, yah)
    To subject myself to managers and manipulators
    Who only objective in life, is to get the paper (We're floating at the speed, like floating, if I can't be in time)
    Where do you go if you're just pouring your soul to the soulless? (Woah, I don't know, I don't know, wash on me, wash on me)
    That's why I ain't been doing no press (In the ocean)
    And you know the pink hair so fresh (If i can't be loved)
    But Yeezy gon' do more than entertain (I don't know a sound)
    Yeezy gon' build homes, schools & planes
    Don't refer to me as rapper, or even a visionary (Standing in the ocean)
    All of these titles, just making my vision blurry (Standing in the ocean, just let this wash on me)
    All of these deadlines, making my decisions hurry
    I am not your idol (Bad memories like waves)
    I am not your rival
    I am just a vessel (Echoing)
    And, a way of thinking, really nothing special (Echoing, echoing)
    Man, you know when people say, "I'm on my Ye shit" (Standing in the ocean, oh, baby)
    A century from now (Ooh)
    Everybody gon' be on that same shit
    I had a dream that I could float
    Yeah I had cracked a code
    I was at my grandma school, Vanderpoel
    And for some reason, Pastor Noose[?] was there
    And of course the people sent people to get me
    Let off a few shots, but
    None of them hit me
    The attempted assailants was black, but
    Dressed like Remy
    They had the AK-47, with the scope on it
    When I make forty-seven, I'll still be dope, won't I?
    Back in real life, it's the words they try to murder me with
    If I ask help on my verse
    That's plastic surgery rap (Ocean)
    It's too many "I"s, and "they"s always to blame, like they did this (I don't know a sound)
    Excuse is always the same (Oh, baby)
    Just take the statement, I want world peace
    Especially after what they did to Jerome's niece
    I heard a girl scream to a girl, "girl please"
    But if you remove women, 'cause that's desire
    And I, 'cause that's ego
    Guess what?
    You have world peace

    [Sample: Elon Musk & Crowd]
    Everyone in this room is inspire by you, who are you inspired by?
    What Kanye West taught us (*laughter & applause*)

    [Verse 2: Kanye West]
    I fucked your ex and sent a text out of respect
    It was good sex, honorable mention to the neck
    Didn't ask to mouth, that was out of respect
    Afterwards, pass the towel, I was out of Kleenex
    When you take a girl out, do you expect sex?
    If she take her titties out, do she expect checks?
    Next visit, I gave her a peal necklace
    Next visit, think I need a girl naked


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