Kasino - Diving In Lyrics
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    Diving In

    Lets go, lets go
    Pull out my diamonds they wet
    Eat on that dick don't you show no respect
    My niggas pull up and hit with that tec
    I'm rockin ice, bust down baguettes
    Just look at them diamonds, them hoes they gone dance
    Fuck on yo hoe then I leave cus I can't be her man
    Bitches get popped like a xan
    Stay with that metal no frying pan
    Bitch get wet like a pool then I'm diving in (uhh)
    Diving in
    Straight in that water like splash
    Fuck nigga play then we dead on his ass
    Stay wit my Glock yeah I'm ready to spazz
    Pull out that dick, now she drooling and gag
    Yeah that lil bitch she going out sad
    Fresh out thе box now I'm all in my bag
    Fuck on yo hoe then I bust me a sack
    Gotta keep mе a bag
    Ain't no pulling it out when I hit from the back
    Yeah I'm in first and you niggas in last
    Been jackin and stealing I do it in class
    Been popping my shit to the mufucking ceiling
    Shoutout to the gang cus we mufucking dealing
    Hop out in the streets like a mufucking villain
    Been whipping shit up but I ain't in the kitchen
    Been reeling hoes in but I ain't been fishing
    Gang ain't never lacking on a mission
    Them niggas been cap as fuck for they disses
    Glock spit 50, no he ain't missing
    Niggas be gay as fuck and they kissing
    Ain't talk bout a cat but these pussies keep hissing
    Just shut up and listen
    Pull out my Glock and I'm squeezing
    Ready to hit for no reason
    Been in the trap wit them demons
    Bitch quit dreaming
    Getting it back wit no meaning
    Stay hit licks I'm scheming
    Glock wit a beam I'm beaming
    Talk bout a pipe I'll leave a nigga leaking
    Bitch I'm geeking
    Bitch don't you hold me up this ain't no meeting
    Ain't talk bout a bat but you know that I'm beating
    Stay clean than a bitch like a deacon
    Pop that wood got a young nigga geekin
    Shining bright like a mufucking beacon
    Hit the corner lil bitch I'm creeping
    Whip out that drake like a broom I'm sweeping
    So many hurdles but a nigga still leaping
    Stay ready to hit
    I'll pull a bitch and she down for the dick
    Ride with them hittas they jackin yo blick
    Quick to run off with a lick
    No roaches but we raid that bitch
    Always jackin for shit
    I'm a real hustler bitch
    Lil bitch, I'm a real hustler bitch
    Lil bitch, I'm a real hustler bitch

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