Kem - Friend Today Lyrics
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    Friend Today

    [Verse 1]
    Ripped Straight from the headlines
    The devil's on every page
    Keep away from the spotlight
    'Cause people are drifting away

    And I just wonder
    If you're my friend today
    Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

    [Verse 2]
    There's a roll like thunder
    They killing our babies, Lord
    They headed straight for the border
    And we can no longer ignore it

    I just wonder
    What the hell we fighting for?
    Ooh, the hell we fighting for?
    The crowds been running in place
    Like ain't nobody else around
    But you and I, we get by
    And how much love won't it take
    Before it all comes burning down, it ain't right
    No, it ain't right now, baby
    And I just wonder
    I just wonder, I wonder

    If you're my friend today
    Ooh, my friend
    My friend, my friend today
    Oh my, my friend today
    Ooh, ooh


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