Kendrick Lamar - Count Me Out (Music Video) Lyrics
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    Count Me Out (Music Video)

    Winter’s coming my love
    What will we do?
    I don’t know
    Are you cold?

    Daylight’s leaving my lungs
    What will we do?
    I don’t know
    Are you a ghost?

    I feel my age is parceled on my hands
    This temporal tilt I cannot understand
    Another day gone
    Rolled coolly down my neck
    (oh it’s happening again)
    Twenties rolling off a cliff
    A snowy dune
    I don’t know what I have done
    One time
    Three more’s four

    You’re drinking my heart up through a straw
    But it’s a ruse
    While I’m asleep in the second room
    One time

    I feel the moon is pulling at my chest
    I feel the wind is swaying on my wrist
    The dark wet grass is sticking to my hips
    The soft white pine is piping on my lips
    (oh it's happening again)

    I can liе here a while till I’m swallowеd up in this
    I can lie here a while till I’m swallowed up in this
    (oh it’s happening again)

    One time
    Three more’s four
    Your voice is calming my love[Therapy Session: Helen Mirren and Kendrick Lamar]

    Clock Ticking

    Kendrick? Kendrick?
    Did you hear that, Kendrick?

    Um, yes, um
    My apologies I thought my time was up
    No, we can continue if you'd like
    So, what did you say to the lady in the parking structure?

    You took my damn parking spot!
    I told her I didn't take your damn parking spot

    And how did that make you feel, reacting that way?

    I felt decent

    Oh! How come?

    Because I did take her parking spot

    Helen and Kendrick both begin laughing


    You texted me at 2 o'clock in the morning, "I feel like i'm fallin"
    Why do you feel that way?

    Music Begins

    [Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
    One of these lives, I'ma make things right
    With the wrongs I've done, that's when I unite
    With the Father, Son, 'til then, I fight
    Rain on me, put the blame on me
    Got guilt, got hurt, got shame on me
    Got six magazines that's aimed at me
    Done every magazine, what's fame to me? Fuck, Man!
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    It's a game to me, where the bedroom at?
    Sleep, I ain't never had affairs with that
    What's fair when the hearts and the words don't reach?
    What's fair when the money don't take things back?
    It's rare when somebody take your dreams back
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    I care too much, wanna share too much, in my head too much
    I shut down too, I ain't there too much
    I'm a complex soul, they layered me up
    Then broke me down, and morality's dust, I lack in trust
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    This time around, I trust myself
    Please everybody else but myself
    All else fails, I was myself
    Outdone fear, outdone myself
    This year, you better one yourself
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    Masks on the babies, mask on an opp
    Wear masks in the neighborhood stores you shop
    But a mask won't hide who you are inside
    Look around, the reality's carved in lies
    Wipe my ego, dodge my pride
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    Look myself in the mirror
    Amityville, ain't seen nothin' scarier
    I fought like a pitbull terrier
    Blood I shed could fill up aquariums
    Tell all my angels, "Carry 'em"
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    Every emotion been deprived
    Even my strong points couldn't survive
    If I didn't learn to love myself, forgive myself a hundred times, dawg
    [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
    I love when you count me out
    I love when you count me out
    I love when you count me
    I love when you count me out
    I love when you count me out
    I love when you count me
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    (And I'm tripping and falling)
    (And I'm-)


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