Kendrick Lamar - Funk Flex Freestyle PT3 Lyrics
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    Funk Flex Freestyle PT3

    [Intro: Funkmaster Flex]
    Yeah... okay? Let's go, why not?
    Funk Flex, Kendrick Lamar, HOT 97, HOT97.COM
    This is kinda chunky, ha ha

    [Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
    Um, yeah, tell 'em put my name on a blimp
    Ball like I'm Derrick Rose, ho, know my gym
    You playa's not allowed I'm spikin' your game towel
    And hittin' your Gatorade with gasoline I'm foul
    I'm in the crowd like Artest and them
    I move the crowd like Artest and them
    Punchlines mean I really go punch civilians
    Crunch time mean I take it to the hole
    Not this basket but rather the good p*ssy that I'm in
    I assassin you niggas, I make your weight turn thin
    Blank tapes to your deck, niggas still brеak their neck
    To hear it you need clеarance with the label just to win
    I need to clear it with the bank just to spin
    Club appearance that's 15 racks when you get it like that, shit, it's gotta be a sin
    Lord forgive me, yes I'm a sinner
    But these hoes squeeze me cause I'm a winner
    Back when we ate canned food for dinner
    I coach fools to ProTools make my agenda
    I show fools, I'm tofu nasty, I wish a
    Motherf*cker would get your whole career injured
    That's assault what a deadly weapon
    I killed your favorite rapper, favorite rapper last record
    I f*cked your baby actress on the map just what a blessing
    Make that p*ssy ante up she made my d*ck anti-depressive
    I'm really not impressed with, none of you niggas stressing
    That's some of you niggas bless with the gift to carry the presence
    Of B.I.G & 'Pac and I'm popping big shit with label investments
    15 minutes turn into 60 seconds
    Last week, I spit 12 hours inside of session
    Came up with shit writers block niggas up in here stressing
    Like who the fuck cares? Who the fuck cares?
    Even if you get slumped, dawg, you'll still be a millionaire
    Niggas play a Santa Claus and make sure you hold dear
    Every verse I put that bitch in the hearse, while Flex steer
    Uh Church to you pussies, you push me get pap smeared
    Burst out your cookie, I read it, my fortune is here

    [Outro: Funkmaster Flex]
    You Know what it is, HOT 97, Funk Flex, Kendrick Lamar
    It is what it is, aight, arggggh

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