Kendrick Lamar - Sexy Pause Lyrics
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    Sexy Pause

    Bent my mind
    And it won’t bend back
    I have walked down a one way track
    Now I'm feeling, and breathing lord
    I'm alive, I'm alive!

    I’ve been all caught up in this mindless magical maze
    Not where to go because there's more than a million ways
    If i live until die, let me die with my life
    Until my time is over I'm alive
    Life I have
    I hold dear
    Even when
    It's all unclear
    How I
    How I will survive
    All I know, is I’m aliveGet jumped
    I will get used
    Get jumped
    Go berzerk
    Keep me here![Verse 1: Ezry]
    All I know is that I'll never ditch you
    Baby girl its with you
    Who is the best? bitch you
    Its so hard to sit you
    I would never switch you
    I'll make it rich you

    I don't how, why or when
    All I know is that I'll never do it again
    Making millions everyday pro amen
    Stay away from the city oh hay man
    C'mon no judge she is ten out of ten
    Order number zero six one four
    Baby if you want I can love hardcore
    Lady says last time give me one more
    Areas in your body that I wanna explore
    Let's be honest she is a big big score
    Sometimes you're the only one I wanna look for
    For you I could еven start a third world war
    Did I mention that I have banks offshorе

    I don't know who you like maybe JB (Justin Bieber)
    Learn how to love me like Hailey (Hailey Bieber)
    Let me guess you like sipping some Bailey (s)
    For real I can think about you daily
    On the radio we can listen to Jay z
    Seems like I can take you onto sushi

    Feels like Nobu but we got Kokcu
    Listen to me whenever I talk to
    Baby girl know who you belong to
    Sometimes I can be wrong too
    Got a table at Cipriani for two

    Don't you see my Rolex
    Can you handle my ex
    Are you good in sex
    My house is triplex
    Our love is complex
    Got Platinum Amex
    Whatever you say
    Get the f*ck out of my way
    Who said that I wouldn't make it
    Looks like you couldn't even take it
    If you don't like my music Drake it
    If you don't look rich then just fake it
    If you can't handle just maybe break it
    Society is sleeping go look wake it
    I'm done please take my money stake itLyrics from Snippets

    Metro Boomin want some more, nigga

    I be down, I be down
    I know [?] like a yam
    Bitch, you know...
    [Verse ?]
    I get money when I'm dead
    She gon' love me when I'm gone
    She gon' love me when I'm wrong
    Working, she's always on the phone
    Swag is always in the [?]
    Swag is always on the [?]
    I divide it with Patrón
    Type of shit that I be on
    And I'm really 'bout to fuck the whole place up...


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