Kid Rock - Guilty Lyrics
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    I turned my 15 minutes into 10 long years
    I made a million just from drinking beers
    I got a jet just from touching these frets
    So if my ego gets out of check

    I guess I'm guilty
    Uh uh uh
    I said I'm guilty

    I might do a little yak
    Might have run my trap
    Now and then get into a scrap
    That's alright I got lawyers for that
    And them motherfuckers

    They even know that I'm guilty
    Uh uh uh
    I said I'm guilty

    I never sweat rarely feel regret
    The cameras roll when you least expect
    Some of the times ended up online
    And motherfucker, if that's a crime

    I guess I'm.......guilty

    I know agreement shit ain't bindin'
    You catch me on your charts still cliimbin'
    Big big NASCAR ring shinin'
    I'm sellin' goin' platinum picture with diamonds
    I been rhymin' signin' check it out
    I been climbin' fly me to all about
    Where you at? I been here for years. "Come On"
    Every little body let Southfield know

    I'm guilty
    Come on I'm guilty
    Southfield know I'm guilty
    Yes I am


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