Koshi - HIDDEN HILLS (Remix) Lyrics
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    HIDDEN HILLS (Remix)

    Don't say my name no more
    (na-na-na, na-na-na)
    Fuckin' say my na-na-na-na-na

    [Chorus: Koshi]
    Since you been gone you don't deserve to say my name no more
    There's nothing left to say no more
    No more face- I don't wanna see your face no more
    I can't even say her name no more
    And just look how long it took to say you ain't in love
    Just finished breakin' up
    Stuck in Hidden Hills and I can't make this up
    I didn't fake my love

    [Verse 1: Koshi]
    It ain't no time for a goodbye, feelin' low 'til I get high
    But I feel like the worst sign's songs bringin' back good times
    While I rap 'bout the worst ones, I tried
    To do this shit every night, now I just want you to cry
    And if you gon' talk about me do it right
    Oh, you say you hurt? Baby what am I?
    Girl, you chеated on me with another guy
    Thеn you cheated on him with another guy
    Your guys better learn to stay quiet
    My brother, y-yeah he stay wild
    Yeah, that's right I caught you in between the lines
    Told my family 'bout you, wasn't even mine
    For the pain it's two blunts at a time
    Two wrongs never made a fuckin' right

    [Verse 2: XVXPARIS]
    Do you know how it feels to give up on somebody you love more than yourself?
    Maybe someday you'll change yourself I know that it won't help
    But then by the time you realize It's too late
    It won't even matter what you say, oh

    Now I'm sober and It's been a couple days oh, oh, oh
    But something's changed, oh no
    Didn't take that long to see I was replaced, oh no, oh (Fuck)
    I need space, oh no, oh (Yeah)
    The fuck!


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