Koshi - UNYOUSUAL Lyrics
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    [Verse 1: SurfSkrt]
    This where I belong
    I been livin' fucked up I'm adjusted to the pain
    Talkin' up to God he tell me that I'll be okay
    I don't want love I won't chase her
    I got blood on my hands a heart breaker

    [Verse 2: Koshi]
    I had too many distractions where I was
    And he said he's been active, no he ain't, woah
    Money like everyday, I gotta meditate
    I been out of my mode, I been losin' control

    [Verse 3: SurfSkrt]
    I done lost my mind I done lost control
    I been through this pain I really feel it in my soul
    I can't be the same 'cause I change when I grow
    All eyes on me I'm on the stage when I grow
    RUINED. on my body, whole gang got poles
    We don't want yo money we'll take yo soul
    All black like crows, I'll show you all that I know
    Remember days I was broke now it's Margiela toes

    [Verse 4: Koshi]
    Feel like a blind bat fightin' what I can't see
    I'm still in first place I can't let you pass me
    I'm the same 'cause without her
    She been tryna taint my energy but it's too late
    Man, you two faced

    [Verse 5: SurfSkrt]
    Don't wanna talk about the past that was last year
    You need someone to talk to? I gave my last ear
    Can't walk a mile in my shoes you wouldn't last here
    I'm finished cryin' over you I gave my last tear
    The nice guys finish last so Ima be the bad guy
    I don't wanna live my life sad so I gotta act
    I didn't know that I would leave you, Im so sorry it's the last night
    I just woke up feelin' hungover I'm tryna forget last night


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