Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez - You're You (Outtake) Lyrics
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    You're You (Outtake)

    [Verse 1: Hans]
    Other people prefer to walk through life where you might skip
    And other people watch their step where you most likely trip
    Sure your hair's not perfect and there’s - what's that on your clothes?
    And yeah you're kinda talkative with freckles on your nose

    [Chorus: Hans]
    But you’re you, you're you
    And that's what makes me smile
    You're you, you're you
    So stay that way a while

    [Spoken: Anna]
    Oh Hans I -

    [Verse 2: Hans]
    You don't have to say a thing I know the way you feel
    Your face is like an open book, so honest, truе, and real
    Other peoplе lie and cheat, when push may come to shove
    Your heart doesn't work like that
    So you're the girl I love

    [Chorus: Hans]
    You’re you, you’re you
    That's how I hope you stay
    You’re you, you're you

    [Outro: Hans]
    But anyway
    That's all I got to say

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