Kwite - Pest Lyrics
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    (verse 1)
    Call me King Kong, I got a fist in every orifice
    Need a bitch to step on me like I'm playin Origins
    Eatin too much, I gotta shit while recordin this
    I don't smoke weed, just spices, and it sorta hits?
    Saving my virginity, won't catch me in a whore or bitch
    Imma stay chaste, last to Smash like Sora is
    Pocket pussy’s got my penis redder than Korriban
    His tip inside my mouth, suck the dick like I'm snorkelin
    He blowin out my back, its gettin cracked like some porcelain
    Even gay sex is still heteronormative
    I take a block or a video then dip like an Enderman
    Say “Kwite stolе that title”, like no shit, of course hе did
    Yeah my drink purple, not lean though, its Gfuel
    Bigots call me slurs, that there’s a nice ring too
    I give advice, that fucks up your life like Bing do
    Tried to eat a rock and now I got me a chipped tooth
    Stacking up the mid rolls I'm forcin you to sit thru
    I'm the last choice to post up with like Bitchute
    Sad cause the world’s gonna die, that’s a big mood
    We don't have a future, that’s the reason that I sip booze
    Instrumental sound like Lofi beats to cram too
    I be in your scalp, on your head like some shampoo
    A few old friends more twofaced than Ranboo
    If you got a Piccrew avatar I can't stand you

    Honestly, most of everything I've said is all bullshit
    I'm begging, like literally on my knees all doe eyed
    Please don't take this that serious
    I mean I'm feelin delirious
    Can't control myself, got hit with the imperious
    Don't touch your balls at least the first time your hearin this
    One of my twitch chatters killed a cat and then buried it

    (Verse 2)
    Bangin on the same mattress, that I keep my money in
    A Mr. Krabs mogul, don't give my employees benefits
    All my podcasts have ended like most marriages
    I fuck dudes and get stoned, I'm out the Old Testament
    Stackin money on the top, like a Sega Genesis
    I've been getting fucked up worse than eugenics is
    I talk shit more than a 4chan degenerate
    Hard to cancel me like a Planet Fitness membership
    They think “my channel’s dead”, and I think that they're all pessimists
    The career’s lasted longer than those fuck ass Confederates
    Masked up, and big headed same as Darth Tenebrous
    My dick funky lookin, shaped kinda like a pencil is
    Lotta folks on Tik Tok, who kinnin with, Oedipus
    I tweet a lotta dumb shit, just for the hell of it
    ‘Nuf good people ‘round me so I'm not afraid of severance
    I'm first in line to end it all, call the hoodie Pestilence


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