Laidback Gemini - Continuous Flow Lyrics
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    Continuous Flow

    (Verse 1)
    Continuous Flow told you can't stop my feelin my rythym autonomous and I'm givin you soul
    Never losin my stamina I'm no amateur let you know Imma pro
    Don't think I'm negative always see positive the righteous in me I follow the road
    Perfection I seek cause I'm rather unique made my measurements I created the mold
    Misunderstood will always fight for the army of good
    Not my fault if you're not payin attention if you know then you know who I'm defendin
    Stayin strong I gotta keep on and I'm alert in everyway that I move
    Tag along I'm not in the wrong endurance and strenght I'm an athlete too
    Preparin ahead when I go in the booth disciplinary foundation my root
    Daily routine my artistrys never dirty and you can tell it's so clean
    A gentleman I'm never rude I'm always nice don't like to be mean
    With the looney tunes another dimension just to mention come join the team
    Envision myself eatin finest cuisine
    I want the best of what success can bring
    Boosting my senses and my self esteem
    Often times I brainstorm time to time I daydream
    Ever since a youngin I knew how to rhyme
    A pure motivation sent from divine
    To the haters I pay em no mind, askin the lord to give me a sign
    Givin the knowledge the wisdom the understandin 1,2,3 to this math I abide
    No seperation the combination you're not with me if you want to divide
    Studied the game implemanted the lessons I became a God sensei with time
    Numb to the pain I cope under pressure the most never lesser I stay in my prime
    Never chase fame, not in the mix I prefer to stay low set my sight on what to obtain
    No matter the changes no matter the stages I elevate moral code stay the same
    Last of a dying breed not many remain 90s baby old and new in my lane
    A moment to cherish the wicked will perish the manifestation of good with a bang

    Continuous Flow God Mode Continuous Flow (4x)

    (Verse 2)
    Possesed by the righteous spirit I'm giving the isms that's what I do
    I'm maximizing the potential of what I am you should do that too
    The inspiration from above is so dependable that I always knew
    Sometimes the smartest thing you could do is play dumb and play the fool
    Cause I know where I stand I know my worth
    Slayer of evil I brake the curse
    Floatin atop of the universe planted my two hands under the earth
    In my momentum I'm propellin and I'm blastin up with a burst
    I'm not even a human anymore I'm not even leavin here in a hearst
    Prophetic I'm Eli got the fire of Elijah (BURNIN)
    Here I go another sermon delivered
    So much to process might leave your brain injured
    Nah don't you worry my job as a savior
    For some it's absurd and for some this is realer
    Only with words I'm considered a killa
    If you follow me closely you'll see something bigger
    Yea! And as you can see this is deep
    More than music more than a beat
    Know that i'll never retreat
    For the longest the come up I creep
    In a league of my own and I'm not the one to deceit
    I offer the best I can't settle for less
    In pursuit of perfection for that i'm obsessed
    Yes, the pinnacle lookin down it's so high
    Sometimes I wonder how I arrived without fame without money just spiritual ties
    Enlighten I can see more than you know
    I don't trust much no new friends cause they foe
    I elevate to new heights it's not normal the path of the King cause I reaped what I sowed
    Always solid i'm never gon fold game is sold it is not to be told
    Not my fault ya'll done made my heart cold
    GOD emcee you can tell that it shows
    Loyalty respect is a must otherwise no attention still I won't make a fuss
    From the beginning and in the end ashes to ashes and dust to dust


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