Leaf Hound - With A Minute To Go Lyrics
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    With A Minute To Go

    I've been listening to you
    Just a rambling on, yeah
    You say you could tell me how to live
    Too many not knowing who or what they are
    Too many not knowing what to give

    So, I thought that you would understand
    Just what it takes to make a man cry
    Why so many have to suffer to give
    Why so many have to suffer to die
    Suffer to die
    So let me love you babe and it won't be denied
    That you've got that something babe
    That inner light
    But now I've listened to your nagging all night
    You can pull down the blinds
    And you can cut out the light

    Said woman come take my hand
    And let your thoughts run free
    You know you gotta open your eyes
    You just gotta see
    They say seeing's believing babe, believe in me
    'Cause I don't want to spend my life
    Living in misery

    But you keep on telling me
    That the world's gotta live
    And tomorrow's gonna shine
    But your yesterday's gone and died
    And you're thinking that you know
    When ill wind's gonna blow
    But you never realize
    Just how far that you got to go
    Oh no, no, no no no no
    I don't how far we have to go on


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