Like Mike - Best for You Lyrics
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    Best for You

    Weighed out my love for you
    And it came from the bottom of my soul
    Saved all the best for you
    I didn't wanna cut it up at all

    And I don't mind

    I share my love and tell you what's inside
    And the pain we felt before is left behind
    Until we rolling down the hill and we can fly high

    Gave all a got to you
    Please don't blame me for the pain
    Found my way back to you
    They don't wanna let you go around

    It might be all I do
    I swear do it all again for you
    Now plase don't stop your love for me
    Promise I will always come through

    And yeah I tried I put myself out there to gеt it right
    I'm on it every day and evеry night
    Tell me what you need and I will find

    And yeah I tried
    Tried to be the best that you could find
    Trying cause I'm triggered to survive
    Don't wanna have to catch you slipping on the side


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