Lil Bam-Up - HERE TO STAY Lyrics
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    Ay, ay, ay, ay
    Who the fuck is that is it lil bam up
    Cruising down the road in that 40 old truck
    Rusty rims blacked out tims
    With baggy hoodie while he sings
    Raming down the road he causing a rampage
    Fucking on a milf and she don’t know my age
    Even if she did she wouldn’t Bat an eye
    Manipulative cunt I’d make her cry
    Don’t talk to me if you think you the goat
    On a basic ass beat while I’m on my boat
    If I threw you off do you think you would float
    With my fat ass I know I won’t
    But you don’t getta see that
    Girl I just wanna know how’s yo ass fat
    Come here sit it on my lap
    How long before I make it clap
    3 second bust a nut and It’s over
    I know I should’ve fucking stayed sober
    But I wouldn’t have had no fun
    Keep the MD gripped on me like a gun
    Crack it then pop the top off
    Girl I wanna know when you getting your top off
    Free them Titys my cocks soft
    Free them Titys my cocks soft
    This funky ass beat got me grooving
    And I know my voice just got you moving
    Baby girl I don’t wanna play
    But remember the name cause I’m here to stay
    Remember my name (here to stay)
    Remember my name (here to stay)
    Remember my name
    Girl don't fucking play


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