Lil Flip - Lil Flip Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #029 Lyrics

Lil Flip Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #029 Lyrics

Lil Flip
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    Lil Flip Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #029

    Fuck with me and get some money
    Yeah I fuck with King Johnny
    100K, that's my ring money
    And you ain’t gon' take a thing from me
    Man, I'm from H-town
    We start shootin’, you should lay down
    You wouldn't wanna jump up
    I lay rappers down when the pump up
    Here is something I can't understand
    I could just kill a man
    On the east coast, man I fuck with Killa Cam
    You want a verse, you better take yo' ass to MoneyGram
    I love multiplyin', fuck subtractin' numbers
    Email me the trackin' number
    And I'ma send your verse back
    I bodied it, I should send a hearse back
    I’m back up in the booth again
    Like Beanie Sigel, I gotta spit the truth again
    I got the wraith, had to get the coupe again
    Like Stockton, I could shoot again
    Tell me where you want to go
    I got some killers down in Mexico
    They’ll meet you at the Texaco
    Turn your body to a vegetable
    Now you can't think, now you can’t move
    I'm the king, dog, so I can't lose
    Got hits like Babe Ruth
    Kill shit like Rae Carruth
    You ain't never seen me
    In a cambo Lamborghini
    All the cars I got, man, I paid for it
    Take some from me, man we spray for it
    You know I love to trap a lot
    I’m from Houston, the same town as Rap-A-Lot
    I took the cops on a car chase
    At fifteen, I'm jammin' Geto Boys and Scarface
    I think my mind playin' tricks on me
    I think they tryin' to blend some bricks on me
    Man I got hits homie
    Scratch that, I got classics, [?]
    BMI, that's TMI, too much information
    This is dedication
    I ain't never sold my soul, everything went gold
    Then I went to platinum, I ain't cappin'
    Still in the muhfuckin' booth with the rhymes
    Sold a lot of work, never did a line
    A legend like Morris Day and The Time
    These rappers transform like Optimus Prime
    I'ma stay the same
    Got a smart brain, money'll never make me change
    In the booth I go deranged, I get crazy
    I ain't these other rappers, dog, I ain't lazy
    I work for myself, build shirts for myself
    You got beef, I squirt for myself
    Take the K out the shelf, don't play about the wealth
    Turn your favorite rapper into a patty melt
    Flip 'em over, do it from the clover
    Fourteen, pulled up in a Range Rover
    I'll murk you before this shit change over
    Made five million dollars off of Game Over
    Made eight million dollars off of Sunshine
    I'm from the south, I could freestyle and do a punchline
    Man, I'll murder these rappers
    Name one, man, I never heard of these rappers
    This a freestyle, dog, I ain't write this
    I'ma smoke a whole seven, that's a Mike Vick
    I ain't never been a rookie but I smoke cookies
    Gangsta in my hood just like Tookie
    Want to see a dope show? You should book me
    I turn your forehead into a pussy
    When I pull out the Glock 9
    I ain't stoppin', I don't even stop at stop signs
    I'ma keep goin', got the codeine homie
    I'ma keep pourin', money keep growin'
    Chia Pet style, jet style
    I got a cult, David Koresh style
    I'm crazy, don't play me bitch
    They worship me, they atheist
    I'm a king, I'm a god with this freestyle
    Used to put my weed in black and milds
    I'm on some other shit, other other shit
    Just like a orgy, you better find out who you fuckin' wit'
    I show up to yo' motherfuckin' front do'
    Take you on a chase like OJ in his bronco
    Hey I'm on the news, paid a lot of dues
    We make the rules, we don't play by the rules
    I do what I want, move how I wanna
    Sippin' syrup and blowin' that marijuana
    Good shit, like Ace, I be on some hood shit
    I'm from H-town, we be grippin' wood bitch
    Oh I got a splinter, this wraith is mine nigga
    This not a rental, I bite and scratch niggas
    Just like a bengal, paint drippin' red
    On it's menstrual, candy red shit
    Excellent adventure, Bill and Ted shit
    On my med shit, I got street cred bitch
    I got shooters, shooters in every city
    We smoke dutches and we smoke phillies
    Smoke the cone, favorite rap group is Bone
    And 8-Ball and MJG and Sweet Jones
    And Bun B, if a rapper ever jump me
    We gon' come back, turn it to 22 Jump Street
    Everybody fucked up, double cups up
    Shoot him in his guts, pull out the nunchucks, what the fuck
    Here's a uppercut, I did songs with Young Buck
    And I ain't never blow my money, I'm not a dumb fuck
    I got songs with 50, I got songs with Game
    I- I don't care where I'm at, I ain't tuckin' my chain
    This that real shit, independence day like Will Smith
    Who the dopest freestyler? You should say Lil Flip
    I go to Pappadeaux when I want some shrimp
    Like, space, my name was on the blimp
    The world is mine, I can wink my eye, nigga
    And your girl is mine, but I don't want her, I just want a billion
    Stars in the ceiling, man I'm in the wraith, ay
    Like Snoop Dogg, nigga, murder was the case, yeah
    Play with me, you end up on Nancy Grace, yeah
    This codeine, baby, do you want a taste? yeah
    This the purple, I'm not commercial
    We move slow, sorta like the Ninja Turtles
    But give me pizza and I smoke a little reefer
    Fifth grade, I used to watch Moesha
    Skipped school, some of my partnas crip, some pyru
    I'm a gangsta, homeboy, that don't apply to you
    When I'm on the mic, nigga I don't lie to you
    You fake, that's what you try to do
    LA Leakers, man they fuckin' with the king
    Milk does the body good but why I still sip the lean though?
    I'm a motherfuckin' star like Ringo
    We get work and I mean blow
    Boss enjoy this shit, man we move this shit
    Don't make me throw a couple 'bows like I'm Ludacris
    Move bitch, get out the way
    Before I have to crooked up your toupee
    With a Tech 9, Cloverland my hood, I'ma rep mine
    Yeah nigga this shit is in my mind
    A legend like Bruce Springsteen
    My car got a mind of her own, I call her Christine
    That bitch'll crank up, we could shoot pool
    Pull out the stick nigga, watch me bank stuff
    Favorite rapper, Jadakiss and MJG
    Pimp tight, I'm the K-I-N-G
    King Life, the newest fuckin' record label
    I'm connected in the streets just like cables
    WIFI, ain't no need to high side
    We walk up, we don't do no drive-bys
    We peel off, this permanent
    I can't never take my grill off unless I go spend 50k
    Got a bag, fixed up my shit, right?
    Still representin' Screwed Up Click, right?
    Pull a knife out, stabbed him in his windpipes
    I'm a hustler, I ain't tryin' to wear no pinstripes
    I'ma get a billion dollars and put the finger up
    Gettin' a lot of cream, put them zingers up
    H-town nigga, that's where I come from
    You better keep a chopper, nigga, fuck a stun gun
    I don't even want you that close to me
    I'm a shrimp nigga, don't bring no roast to me
    When it come to freestyle, you should toast to me
    I'm H-town's own, I'm a clover G
    Acappella shit, I don't need no beat
    I smoke it out the pipe, I don't need no sweet
    I still run shit and I don't need no feet
    Still sippin' codeine and I don't need no sleep
    Man this freestyle shit, I do it with my eyes closed
    I been makin' money since I was five years old
    In the studio with the toolio
    Livin' in a gangsta paradise like Coolio
    Four more bars and I'ma end this shit
    I'm like Shaq shootin' free throws, this is bricks
    All up in my stash spot, I got more motherfuckin' keys than a laptop
    Used to watch Matlock, 'bout to break the padlock
    Still up in the do', vicious with this shit, you should call me Cujo
    This a new flow, nigga, I ain't remember this
    H-town shit and I'm on my December shit
    Cold hearted nigga, Mozart a nigga
    That mean I play keys, 400 degrees
    Just like Juve, smoke a blunt to a doobie
    If I can't go to the club with my toolie, deucie

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