Lil Jay - #00 Train To Blow Lyrics
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    #00 Train To Blow

    [Intro Lil Jay]
    Let’s get it, boy you must be from crazyville
    Catch up lil homie
    FBG shit, FBG, FBG bitch, Fly Boy Gang
    STL, CBT
    Free Dutchie, don’t shoot em aaiiight
    Free dooro, CBG aaiiight
    Shout out Bricksquad, let’s go

    [Hook – Lil Jay]
    I say there’s one thing in mind, Say I gotta get that dough
    Fuck it I’m gonna jump a gate, Fuck it I’m gonna kick a do
    Kicking in, TTG Tu Tu gang, yea you know we train to go
    But all my niggas TTB
    Bitch you know we train to blow, catchup
    Bitch we train to blow, bitch we train to blow
    Bitch we train to blow, we strapped up with that fucking fo
    Bitch we train to blow, bitch we train to blow
    Bitch we train to blow, we strapped up with that fucking fo

    [Verse 1 – Lil Jay]
    Team no lackin on the jacket, man you know I keep that ratchet
    Come through clapping, shit get to happenin, leave you flat like mattresses
    Don’t fuck with snitches, Its bands over bitches
    Find out where you living, leave your brain by the dishes
    All you rappers is phony, so nigga stop flexing
    Headshot to the masses, that’ll send you to the exit
    Know I’m in the field, I do this shit for real
    I throw up my l’s, just for Tookaville
    Know who I do it for Tu Tu, Tooka and them guys
    See a opp, he lackin, boom boom he fell
    Gotta give him hell, shout out to the gang
    We ain’t fucking with no lame, you niggas can get change (quick)
    There’s one thing in mind, gotta get that cash
    Run up in yo crib, hit you for yo stash
    Young TTG you know I’m train to go
    But all my niggas TTB, bitch you know we train to blow

    [Hook – Lil Jay]

    [Verse 2 – Lil Jay]
    Bitch I’m Lil Jay, the Tu Tu gang general
    You niggas cannot see me, you not up in my visual
    All you opps is lame, your songs is subliminal
    And I shoot niggas with precision, so it’s nothing to get rid of you
    Couple of guns, they dicks, yea my bullets yea they penetrate
    My niggas do them hits
    Notice to you to renovate
    Man down on the scene, yea we eliminate the opps
    Down to end anybody that’s in the way
    Rolling of that yacht, you know it’s a shoe shell
    My money coming fast like I just gotta got a mill
    Last nigga that tried me, bang bang and he fell
    Bitch I’m balling hard, for my trus I play retail
    Bricksquad be shooting, Crazyville we shooting
    TTG we tooka gang, got 30 clips
    Mo clips than a movie, aim it at your dooly
    Shout out MOB, shout out to dudes and ls

    [Hook – Lil Jay]

    [Outro – Lil Jay]
    Crazyville train to blow
    Bricksquad train to blow
    E-Block they train to blow
    STL we train to blow
    Welch World they train to blow
    Talking crazy he gonna die


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