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    Riding down the road on my bike
    Why you going home?
    Although you hold my hand
    Wake you up from a bad dream
    You're looking for a band-aid
    I know I know

    Writing down the thoughts but tonight in my phone
    Like reminder, light up
    That you're mine girl
    Looking for a man and you lie
    In the dark the night glows
    And I just anhilate!

    Looking at my life in the mirror
    Looking at my life I'm in tears
    Looking for the right ideas
    Hoping that my life would get better
    So many thoughts to get rid of
    It's fucked up
    My life is so riddled
    I don't wanna try I just wanna get the results
    Everybody fake they just wanna see her
    Everybody happy but they rotten in the cеnter

    Writing down my parts I'm thinking of girls like 5 times yеah
    Walking down road like I'm flying in air and breathe in the part-time
    I didn't realise that I was the one in the wrong side yeah
    I'm done with y'all fuck off
    Let a nigga vibe now 

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