Logan Whitehurst - Friends Like Bill Lyrics
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    Friends Like Bill

    I have a two-dimensional friend, his name is Bill
    He's my goodest, bestest friend in the world
    I traded Bill for a baseball card
    I wish I had more friends like him

    When you have friends like Bill
    Nobody tells you what to do
    Everybody steps aside and
    Tells you you can just walk through
    When you have friends like Bill
    Everything is absolutely
    Running like clockwork
    When you have friends like

    I have a three-dimensional friend, his name is Lou
    He's the smartest guy I know in thе world
    He has a plan to get a lot of friends likе bill
    He pulls the trigger and everybody gets on the floor


    Now Lou and I have so many friends like Bill
    We don't know where to go; we're in a hurry, you see
    Maybe we'll take our brand-new buddies
    On a roadtrip down to beautiful Mexico

    (Dos cervezas y la cuenta, por favor!)




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