Louie Ray - 4 Phones Lyrics
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    4 Phones

    (Jay, this shit too crazy)
    Nigga, nigga

    Four phones beatin' hard
    Every other couple days I be switchin' cars
    Okay, if we talkin' power, I'm the head in charge
    They ain't know I was Louie Ray but had me streamin' hard
    Ain't know I was on Coochie Tools, right there with the stars
    I feel like Gucci in '06, got a icy arm
    Nigga, I'm eatin' off a brick, this ain't Ramadan, yeah
    Cuttin' through the traffic 'cause I'm pressed for time
    This bitch on side of me get money, make me think she fine
    I told myself to hold me down, even though I'm lyin'
    I told myself I can't slow down, even though I know I'm flyin'
    Big artist be in my DM, at least they know I'm tryin'
    Dominate my lane, stayin' between the lines
    'Cause you know every time I read, it's in-between the lines
    Got so much water off the streets, I started seein' 'em dryin'
    The standard clip on my FN hold like twenty-nine

    This bitch loaded nigga, blow this bitch

    [Verse 2]
    I can't keep them hoes out my face, so I bought a grill
    And two eights throughout the day, so I bought a seal
    That was not no rap shit, I just coughed for real
    In LA pourin' up with four 'nem, I'm finna throw a pill
    If Wiz talkin' on hand cash, I can show a deal
    Money makin' shit shake, the mighty dollar bill
    I might blow a thirty with the dentist, million dollar grill
    Woke up in the Airbnb, million dollar feel
    Ain't had it all at once, so I don't know how a million dollars feel
    Won't nothin' change your life the way a million dollars will
    They say I got a girlfriend in Flint, okay let's be forreal
    Service that you gettin', played out, you must be with Nokia
    She can give me all of her attention, she ain't got no kids
    Help her turn her head game up, but I ain't buyin' wigs
    You can show how long yo' money is right at Club LIV

    You can throw that shit all night, but we got it

    [Verse 3]
    I be thinkin' 'bout some smart shit, you know my bowl big
    Gave my nigga all the time he could, is what the judge did
    They don't give me the flowers I deserve, so I budged in
    At the condo that we got in LA, you gettin' buzzed in
    Know I gotta charge a lil' extra 'cause my buzz big
    It's too much nutrients on this, you got the buds big
    All the school ain't expose me to shit as much as drugs did
    You had to be what you was talkin' 'bout, that's what it was then
    It ain't no point to even pour the drank if you pour thin
    You gotta go ahead and take it there, nigga, pour ten
    My car ain't got a thousand miles on it, this a new Benz
    Okay, I'm ready for my verse though, punch me in
    I might give this rap shit up if I get bored again
    The only thing I'm tryna get in life right now is another win
    Ready for the next round, just caught another win
    If Rio was with me, right here, tonight, I'd do another ten

    I'd drop another one, nigga

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