Louie Ray - I'ont Sleep Lyrics
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    I'ont Sleep

    Think I'm one of them type of ho ass niggas go to sleep or somethin' man? (Think I'm one of them?)
    I'm a motherfuckin' G man
    I live inside the crack house, literally nigga, with a m on me

    Got so high last night, shit I think I woke up one Mars
    Tweak out and forget what I just did like I'm on bars
    All my niggas drivin' foreigns, we could switch out cars
    Without niggas puttin' they pape' behind me, I became a star
    Niggas got so much to say, but sittin' in they car
    Or sittin' on the couch, ain't even got nowhere to start
    I could show these boys some shit for sure, I heard they hard
    Like how I got all these dеals and all these titles, touchin' charts
    I got two bow's of еverything in here, it's Noah's ark
    You gon' get it if it's meant for you, just play yo' part
    If I ain't come to the hood the way I do, this shit'd be dead
    When bitches say the got a gift for me, should be head
    Ain't even got a reason to hate on me, must be bread
    If you really from the pad, you should be glad for me instead
    That's why I'm glad I ain't got problems with nobody 'cause I'll say it
    Niggas ain't gon' hatch or quack at all, rotten egg
    Ayy, niggas go in Amiri to buy the hats, I'm buyin' pants
    Niggas buyin' shit to keep up with me, I been buyin' land
    Bookin' fee a dub, and every week I'm flyin' in
    We don't get to do it often, bitch let's dine in
    Niggas wanna get the MCD stuff, they buyin' in
    Wish I could push the action through a app, like "Sign in"
    I do got action on the 'Gram, but I don't think that's where I'm big
    Them ain't twenty a month, I can't even see how he live
    I'ma drop a six inside a deuce this time, ain't got no fizz
    She the type of bitch I fuck with, ain't got no kids
    I'm drinkin' syrup and stackin' tokens, restore my focus
    This not a race in no way, shape, or form, but I'm the closest
    Show these niggas what rich like for real, I'm buying Ghosts
    Bitches only get one night with me, I'm signing Trojans
    Check out how my life rollin', that describe motion
    Niggas think I might be playin' this shit, but I ain't jokin'
    Fell to her knees to get my whistle clean, she not proposin'
    I never question why I'm doin' good, just say "I'm chosen"
    I'm sick, I had to leave my chick in Texas, not the Golden
    A hundred something shots at gettin' rich, you see me loaded
    We hit him with the nickname, origami how he folded
    These bitches thick as mashed potatoes too, I left her loaded
    Type of nigga, let her do her dirt, don't expose her
    Type of nigga, never leave my hood 'cause I controlled it
    Might get a chance at bein' a rap star 'cause all my shows lit
    Niggas still ain't show shit, but quick to be on bold shit

    Nah forreal
    Niggas still ain't show shit, but too quick to be on bold shit

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