Love jai - ​​vitaminD Lyrics
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    The feeling isnt something i can't get over
    U keep bitching bout some muhfuckin closure
    Think its hard now just wait until ur older
    I couldn't tell u the last time i had a shoulder
    Oh oh oh
    They wanna lean on me
    Circle tighter than a bitch there ain't no between
    Say she love me and can't take it dont know what it means
    I only do this for momma me and my team
    And the sun keeps going down every time that I wake up I hate it now
    I keep having these nightmares I never get my dreams
    They keep saying I feel you but its not what it seems
    You dont want no one to hear you but I just wanna scream
    Every night I pray to god im getting scars on my knees
    Okay im done im knodding off
    There ain't really that much here for me not at all
    Ay ay ay
    One step
    Whenever i take one
    Its like two back
    Couldn't give a shit about
    If i dont need dat
    Looking for yo girl
    She here in knee pads
    Oh i got problems but this money isnt one
    She say omg you changed
    I dont know who you done become
    Need it all i want it all
    No I ain't talking about some
    Ha and I know that im wasting time bitch im dumb
    And wen she talking too damn much i put some cocaine on her tongue
    Money comes money goes bitch ill spend it while im young
    I feel like im not me bitch I dont know where im from
    Pissed off walking in the street arms crossed
    If lifes a game im at the part you fight the big boss
    I left my mom and dad for something i might never get
    And you wouldn't understand this shit unless you in the mix
    Said the sun keeps going down every time that I wake up I hate it now
    Whoa whoa yea


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