Luke Steele - Desert Island Lyrics
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    Desert Island

    [Verse 1]
    It's like I'm on a sinkin' ship
    Far, far out at sea
    Water is comin' in everywhere
    Oh, I need a drink
    Dialin' up the figures on the radio
    I'm older now, no hang-ups
    Smashin' up the myths on the patio
    Decision's done, I'm on my own

    [Verse 2]
    It's time to leave the rat race (Rat race, rat race, rat race)
    Go hang out with some bears (Bears, bears, bears)
    Surf on up a million (Million, million, million)
    Be a walrus in the sand (Sand, sand, sand)
    Do you hear the kids on the Casio?
    They know the way to get the sound
    When I press in, you all disappear
    Decision's made, on I go

    Why do dеsert islands
    Still get discoverеd?
    Bad dreams are made up by
    Angry suckers



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