LuvIsEnternal - ##SunShine Lyrics
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    (it's all about location, location, location)
    Getting money, can I get your respect?Whoa 3x

    Yea 5x

    You brighten up my sunshine, woke up and I feel so high, smoking that weed yea I’m smoking the pipe

    I don’t care if I’m not your type, I don’t care if I’m not ur guy, if I’m happy then I’m just fine

    Shoot my opps away, straight from the sky

    Won’t listen to u Hell nah
    I’mma listen to the guys
    Stay in ur line we put the 4
    Shooting that mess, yea while we making a score

    Double G’s with sprite
    And she know I’m obviously with that nine

    (With my nine) 5x
    Yea whoa 4x

    You said fuck me den fuck you to
    Talking down, u can feel under my boot
    Top tier nigga, you know how I do
    That nigga is a bitch and you know it, that nigga is a bitch and he show it
    Stupid ass nigga, I’m not a fucking poet
    Blowing the bag, yea I know he be folding

    Yea yеa
    And I’m missing a real somebody about right now, and I’m smoking this weed and getting all thе fuzz

    Smoking on this (yea)
    And I’m getting super high
    Fucking balling up my damn hand waiting for sunshine

    Waiting on my sunshine, like why u always waste my time, I was dumb enough to chase her twice

    But why u always gotta fight
    I don’t care if I’m not ur type
    If I’m happy den I’m just fine
    Just waiting on da day, I’m just listen to the guys


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