M.I Abaga - Number 1 Lyrics
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    Number 1

    Chorus {Flavour}(2x)
    African rapper number 1 (yi)o
    MI microphone magician o
    Everybody puta nu ka-anyi tewu ya tewu ya
    E woo M -IIIII ga-egbu mmadu o1

    Verse 1{M.I Abaga}
    Yes sir
    And they say I am the best ah
    I am on top of the rest ah
    Cassius Clay what i do to the List-ah
    Rappers are vex ah
    Chasing me with a vespa
    Some na keke NAPEPs ah
    Not a threats sir
    I'm a jets sir
    Flyer that IRS ah
    Helicopter flow, tyreless ah
    These rappers are kids ah
    Low connection wireless ah
    See my track list
    I have been paving the way, John the Baptist
    I have been doing my thing round the atlas
    Rappers blowing up and I am the catalyst (catalyst catalyst)

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Verse 2(M.I. Abaga)
    Yea yea yea
    No sir, they can't mess with my flow sir
    Some of them said they are better than me
    They must be hi like Aloha
    You should switch to Makossa
    Can't they tell I am a boss
    Some of them wanna blow sir, maybe they should come and pay me tolls
    We are a mafia
    We are hit men
    Making hits every time that I spit mehn
    We are chairmen
    We are big men
    So I call you Nicole you a kid man
    Checking my fresh
    Checking my cool
    Checking my belt
    Checking my shoe
    Checking my car
    Checking my crew
    It's simpleā€¦I am better and better and better than you

    (Chorus )

    3Ngwa ka-anyi tewe nu (ka-any tewe nu), ngwa ka-anyi tewe nu egwu
    This one na highlife and hip-hopu combination o
    Egwu anyi ji enwe anwuli, egwu anyi ji a ta-ife nu
    E woo fu-la-vor ga-egbu mmadu o
    (Repeat till fade)


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