Mítsel - I Am Trinity Lyrics
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    I Am Trinity

    Always always gotta get it
    Im the one thats in command
    Turned my life into a movie
    Now I'm laying out the scenes
    I been holding for a minute
    Now my cards they coming clean
    My hand is so damn good
    That my only option is succeed
    I ain't never gonna fail
    I took the doubt
    And cleaned out
    I ain't never gonna fail
    No time for that
    I shall prevail
    I turn My loses
    Into wins
    I dont bitch
    I get it in
    Things only happen with the time that you commit
    Tired of these bitches always bitching bout they life
    When they dont ever do shit except sit they ass inside
    Atleast if you gon do that
    Find a hustle
    On thе side
    So you have somе worth
    When passing reaches time
    Imma die with a legacy
    My name ill leave behind
    Plus abundance
    Of the keys
    Free of charge
    In these rhymes
    Just a matter
    Of divine
    Tapping in
    Will raise these blinds
    Then the picture comes together
    Understand it till I die
    Woke up yet again
    100 burpees
    Doubled up
    50 jus to pussy
    Always in to raising up
    The standards that I put on me
    Told self I'd make this album in the time of just one week
    Did that in 3 whole days
    Cus slacking off is for the weak
    Plus I got a mission
    And a vision
    Ill go till I achieve
    And more
    Because my soul
    Its pure
    And honest
    So I shall receive
    Take the path of light
    Fighting demons
    Sometime brings me down onto my knees
    Begging for the strength to slay some more
    Im the mighty angle
    God believes
    But no
    Not like the devil
    Shall never twist
    Shall never deceive
    Lord has my soul
    He leads me down the path that i perceive
    Let him take me long ago
    The moment I gained the sight to see
    Past all of this fuck shit
    So I formed myself into
    I am holy
    I am trinity


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