Mat Kerekes - Look, I'm A Famous Actor Lyrics
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    Look, I'm A Famous Actor

    Write it on a page
    Write it out again
    At least until I get it
    Now do you understand
    Come along with me
    There's a couple things I think I want to show you
    I think I want to show you
    Oh, I could try to play pretend
    I could get dressed up and look real fine tonight
    Could do something new with my hair
    Look, I'm a famous actor
    I want to do everything
    But I never end up doing a thing
    I'll write a record in my bed
    Show you that I'm important
    Light up the stage
    Oh, baby, I can make it living in my ways
    Doing my own thing
    It won't mean much to me ordering in again
    Just like we did yesterday
    Like we do every day
    But maybe we'll go out and we'll dance
    I could cut up a big, big rug tonight
    And then you would turn to your friends
    And you would say "he's all mine"
    Then we could drive out to the lake
    We could do something they write books about
    Throw rocks out into the water
    Hey look, we're interesting
    Write it on a page
    Get it from your mind, from your heart, from your heart
    Time eats away
    Makes you a little softer, a little quieter and a little more tired
    I'm like the engine of a jet plane
    I'm like a bullet in the chamber tonight
    I went and bought a brand new hat
    Learned seven different languages
    I want to have a new habit
    I want to do something I know is bad
    Everyone will know who I am
    Look, I'm a famous actor


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