Mat Kerekes - You'll Be Selling Out Theaters Lyrics
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    You'll Be Selling Out Theaters

    In a little town, born and raised like a shooting star in the milky way
    I know you're gonna turn a lot of heads someday
    Oh I'm all eyes and ears for you tonight
    Just go and do what you do
    Oh yeah it works
    I live in your world, only you make it turn
    In a couple years there'll be cameras all around
    You'll be selling out theaters

    In a big city far away
    You're a wrecking ball crashing into everyone and every little thing
    Now it's Friday night and you are all alone in the bathroom at your favorite club
    Oh this is fun, this is growing up
    Turn the speakers on
    Now most nights you just sing songs you wish you wrote 'cause you don't try anymore
    Spent all of your cash on thе lottery and you still haven't won a single thing

    You'rе packing all your things again
    It's true, nothing good is permanent
    Well I've got some change, it's just a couple cents
    In a month or two, you'll be living like you do
    I'll be seeing you all over the news
    Reading your interviews
    Listening to your tunes
    Hey, I know that dude
    We don't talk all that much these days but I swear to you that we used to

    You held your weapons in the air
    Well, I drew the first blood anyway
    So I guess I'm ready for whatever
    I won't go down without a fight
    And I don't plan on dying tonight
    Oh baby girl, so much to learn
    Give me your best or worst
    But that was then and this is now
    You only get one shot so you better make it count

    In a couple years, you'll be riding in limousines
    You'll be selling out theaters


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