Max B - Favorite Man Lyrics
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    Favorite Man

    (Verse 1)
    We finally reunited
    Don’t it feel right
    Ain’t it fresh to death
    Ain’t it still tight
    Ain’t it’s smooth though
    On the low I tell you
    How much I love you
    Kiss you when you go
    You see mama that’s your son
    (That’s Your Son Mama)
    She screaming baby
    Out the window but he done damn
    Shit was sad they gave him one
    He ain’t need much
    He was dead before it hit him
    They ain’t keep up
    I watched a mouth of bad boys
    Cause they’ll creep up
    (Creep Up)
    I’m not playing in this game
    To keep up and I’m running
    Out of try’s
    I’m running out of time
    Made another tune
    Played another room
    Married the streets young
    Skipped 100 moons
    Graduatеd never made it
    To thе money room
    That nigga Bigga can flow
    So smooth and umm turning up

    That’s my favourite song
    That’s my favourite song
    You gone get mad know matter
    If I’m right or wrong
    Bottle of brown
    Still my favourite high high
    (High High)
    Running out of try’s
    Running out of time (Yeah)
    You heard of him
    That’s my favourite man
    (Boss Don Biggavel)
    I’m down with them
    That’s my favourite band
    I reps my bread the lord knows
    How hard I try
    Running out of try’s
    Running out of time
    Yeah you on that baby


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