Men at Work - Crazy Lyrics
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    I called you up on the telephone
    You weren't there, you weren't at home
    He didn't know what to do
    Now he's sniffin glue
    Honey you're driving him
    Crazy, hazy, crazy
    I'm amazed if, 'mazed if I get through, go

    I went down to the corner street
    Bought a record with a beat
    But that just didn't do
    Made him think of you
    The record is drivin' him

    Crazy, hazy, crazy, hazy

    He needs some love, this madness is drivin' him
    Around the bend, he can't see to the end
    Round and round and round and round he goes

    Got new neighbours, moved in next door
    They got some daughters, I counted four
    He's forgotten your name
    I know who's to blame
    These honeys are drivin' him...

    Crazy, hazy, crazy, hazy
    Round and round and round and round he goes


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