MGNA Crrrta - The American Experiment Lyrics
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    The American Experiment

    Oh fuck! Wow!
    Stupid Bitch

    Friendship without lust
    Makes bunnies made of dust
    I had loved you once
    But bullets in rooms ricochet

    Our bones made of luck
    But Jesus called our bluff
    Now (We're so fucked)
    And begging for our own forgiveness

    My tables for two
    I always have to choose
    Always seem to lose
    But what's a loss outside the day

    When things go from blue
    To yellow purple hues
    Don't you want to do
    What he told you was your endeavor

    Purple yellow red skies
    And butterflies
    And raining knives

    Purple yellow red skiŠµs
    And butterflies
    And raining knives

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