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    [Verse 1]
    When it's that time of the year
    Feels like I wanna disappear
    The tie dye crop tops
    The rain that never stops
    That stupid time of year

    [Verse 2]
    When it’s that time of the year
    Can’t help but feel the fear
    Feel the hurt, sundaes for dessert
    That makes it worse
    That makes it worse

    Leaning up on the stairs
    You would say it wasn’t fair
    But you’re not here
    ‘cause it’s that time of the year

    Mosquitoes on your skin
    Enough to enact a reaction
    You always told me your passions
    You hatеd the summer fashion
    That fuckin’ time of yеar

    Cicadas in the breeze
    You live in my mind rent-free
    You’re the only one i see
    Why’s this mean so much to me
    At this time of year?

    Leaning up on the wall
    You’re still waiting for it to be fall
    But you’re not here at all
    ‘cause that time of year ain’t small


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