Miraa May - Are You Ready? Lyrics
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    Are You Ready?

    If the wind found me, you'd crumble
    You'd never find your means of bein' who you want to
    And you'd think that you're bad or something
    Who told you
    That the power's in your hand?
    When you look inside yourself, you'll see me
    You can never hide from love
    You can never hide from a woman

    [Verse 1]
    I'll take it all, I'll take it all
    Had someone told you before?
    I don't need anyone to vilify me
    Take me as I am
    I'll always be one of one
    Resilience lives in my blood
    And I'll be damned if a man takes me
    Find it in my heart

    [Verse 2]
    'Cause I'm too real and you know this
    Fuck you, pay me, no promotion
    Girl, you on my hitlist
    When I see you, better run like fitness
    You got goals and other plans and the money and the fans in the world
    But you ain't got love
    Yeah, you got your heart in your pants
    And there's blood on your sleeves 'cause you ain't that tough
    Blessed by the one up above, I don't need your love
    Was too naïve so I gave it up
    Didn't have no love
    Please, don't you dare hit me up
    You was just a fuck, such a clown
    You was only there so I could bust a nut (True)

    You was born by a woman
    And you'll be taken down by a woman
    Tie you down, sweet sound like a woman
    Love you very, very loud like a woman
    And I'll make you very, very proud like a woman
    Ooh, bet you scared of a woman (Oo, oo)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Find it in your heart
    (You ready, yeah?)


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