Money Man - Rolling Lyrics
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    I'm gettin' money, order from Walmart & Kroger & pull it
    I'm in a [?] with an ebony, she finna bust it
    All of my pieces be custard, look at me wrong and I'm clutchin'
    I'm fly like a buzzard, I got an AK on me and it's Soviet
    My chick is bad and she dressed inappropriate
    Go get the money, they told me I'm focused
    I got some closets, I need me another one
    I got them millions, you know I be touchin' some
    Always investin' you know I'ma double up
    Niggas is stagnant, they never be comin' up
    I want the Fendi, the Louie, and Dolce
    They like to trip him, cause he on them doses
    My vibe on the bed and she sexually posin'
    Think about revenue, constanly rosin'
    I'm at the Mandarin I got a better view
    Have my associates pull up and handle you
    You can get burned with the fire, we 'gon candle you
    Remington bullet, we 'gon tear and dismantle you
    Feelin like [?] cause I pass it, he shoot it
    She let me smack cause she feelin' my movement
    Ran up eight figures, they think I won the Super Bowl
    My plug is Japanese, he into Yu-Gi-Oh
    I shot the one cause he wanna go toe-to-toe
    He bought the bag, now he want him a hundred more
    I got the Kiltec inside of the Bubble Coat
    Bitch I'm a boss, I don't trap at the corner store
    Feelin' like hell [?]
    Tired of hell, but I'ma finna trap some more
    With a lil thottie who loookin' like [?]
    She walk around in the room in a overcoat
    Twins in my bed, they resemble [?]
    You hit this blunt and it might leave you comatose
    My nigga from Dubai, he look just like Young MA
    Talk to me wrong, he 'gon shoot you right in the face
    Hop out the truck in Florida, and do the race
    She wanna drain all my fluid she wanna take
    I got the [?]
    Niggas is sour, they know I'ma triple up

    [Verse 2]
    She on my bed, she ready for me
    Sellin' exotic, Ain't sellin' on G
    Tryin' to watch out for these crooked police
    Send that shit over anda go and repeat
    Now I'm 'flexin I used to be homeless
    Cut that hoe out, I'm changin' my norm
    Sellin' these shrooms while I'm watchin' No Jumper


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