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    Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)
    Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)
    Ayy, yeah

    I might go fly out to Paris (Vroom)
    Got all these rappers embarrassed (Okay)
    I got them rocks in my ears
    Ice cold (Brr), ice cold, polar bear
    Got all these rappers embarrassed (Nope)
    'Cause none of these dudes is sincere
    Ayy, yeah (Yeah)
    None of these dudes is sincere (Ayo)
    I just call it how I see it (I see it)
    I see it, then I lеave it (I leave it)
    First I see it thеn I believe it
    Then I achieve it then I, pshh
    Man, I'll just wait 'til this part that goes like, "Yeah, yeah", sing it with me

    Yeah (Y-yeah), Yeah (Yeah, haha)
    Yeah (Yeah), Yeah (Yeah!)
    Wait, yeah

    [Verse 2]
    I ain't sad no more (No more)
    I'mma good 'ol boy (Good 'ol boy)
    Don't ask 'bout my girl (Shawty)
    Don't ask my shawty (Shawty)
    Her name is Charlotte (Charlotte)
    She be acting naughty (Naughty!)
    Please don't tell my mama (Got it)
    Ayy, yeah (Woah, woah)
    Please don't ask about me (No)
    Keep that fake from 'round me (Please don't)
    But don't turn fan around me (Fan around me)
    Get your hands from round me (Turned your friend)
    Get your hands from round me (Get your hands from round me)
    I get to blasting off (Blasting off)
    Get the blessings round me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Straight like that, girl (Yeah)

    Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah, straight like-)
    Yeah (Yeah, that), yeah (Yeah)


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