Moor Mother - RAP JASM Lyrics
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    [Intro: Moor Mother]
    And it could go any way
    Any way, any way, yo
    It could go any way, any way, yo
    The way shit look, yo
    It could go any way, any way
    One thing for sure, it's goin' down, motherfucker, yo

    [Verse 1: Moor Mother]
    Oh, you wanna see the guillotine remove the heads of the defending team?
    Blood the only color that's been supreme
    Fuck a color scheme, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Dollar and a dream, oh, you wanna see the guts of the mainstream?
    Do The Right Thing, AR, Hakim
    Burn it down, movie scene in the boxing ring
    Called life you can get hit forever
    No bee sting, yeah, the pain coloring forever
    Forevеr, forever-evеr? (Forever-ever?) Motherfucker, you know the song
    Spring song, now it's [?][0:50] weather
    Ease the stress, Sun King and Empress (Empress)
    Snatch the heart out of who's left (Who's left)
    Now it's home weather (Home weather), '88 leather
    We all sewn together

    [Refrain: Moor Mother & AKAI SOLO]
    Pink cookies in a plastic bag
    Gettin' blown by a Zephyr
    Yeah, it go
    It can go any way, any way, any way
    It can go any way, ayy (Ayy, yo)

    [Verse 2: AKAI SOLO]
    It could go any way
    Picture me rollin', scrollin' verde Dodge
    Ruinin' the frame vehemently
    Life is the nomenclature used to reference the game
    Total Drama Island is the stage, fantasy, red as the soul king
    Constantly at odds with his crew and his empress
    Hardly concerned with impressions
    Oblivious to the fact that he could
    Lead better ones before the paint, the color of the hate dries
    Before it's all said and never done
    Before you live your best life, before we all capsize
    It was dangerous to traverse alone
    Yet, that was all that made sense to me
    Group dynamics tend to wither at my feet
    Seeds I thought that I planted, actually channels dismantled
    No use for them, like shrunken flannels
    Flanders get planted, passed by, they past phantoms
    No plans for that, trauma rich geared towards us, coalescing like plasma
    The right response being selected? Rarer than sightin' silverbacks, facts
    You quiver quicker than a shivering pet
    Is my turn done? I don't know, it depends
    I'ma let these thoughts fall before a nigga forget
    The part can't feel sincere if it feels bought
    Scum inebriated off the seat, no wrong
    Claiming that they carin', can it, Karen, what that care cost?
    Thinking that they know glum, 'til I sees they gleeks
    Fee-fi-fo-fum, ho-hum
    And it's the final soul, SOLO finna go nuts
    Sun Wukong on a high, doing donuts
    Yo, sheesh


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