$nakeEyez - Stick Up Lyrics
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    Stick Up

    Ladies and gentleman
    I would like to personally apologize for what's about to take place
    I'm gonna need everybody to put their hands in the air cause this a m********** stick up
    I want y'all to place all of your belongings in this basket right the f*** now
    Don't do nothing f****** stupid, and I promise no blood will be shed
    I guarantee if I have everyone's cooperation, it'll be over asap
    I don't want to be your pals, your homies, none of that s***
    Just do what the f*** I tell you, and you have my word y'all come back in one piece
    I'm begging y'all, I'm armed, dangerous, and desperatе
    So don't give me a reason to start slicin' and dicin' s*** up
    Just hand ovеr y'all s*** nice and easy, and it won't be no m********** problems

    I'm on my ninja s***, ain't no need for an introduction
    Y'all n***** suck in y'all guts, and prepare for liposuction
    It's gonna be a lot of Tommy Guns wanting to take it to the streets
    Chill the f*** out over words, don't want piss on my white sheet
    So many men wanna be 50, but Pop wasn't one
    Come to the north side of Chicago to find your lost son
    Tell him and Ja to end the beef before they start fighting with canes
    Y'all a little too old to be talking about snatching chains
    Tell Killa Cam I'm ready to fly with the Dips
    I ain't got no role models, and I could use a few tips
    I would love to battle Jada, but not for 700K
    I rather spend that cash on Deion's old hair spray
    Tell Hov to come out of hiding, I got off on your level
    I ain't with the hard knocks, just a jigsaw and a shovel
    Jermaine get off your slumber, get them coles out of your eyes
    You been in maternity too long, say goodbye to your Middle Child
    Kendrick done f***** up and made the good kid mad
    Beiber Jr held you up with a super soaker, you know shit's bad (D***)
    Laroi talking 'bout Henny, but he ain't got no emotions (You f***** up)
    I'll make noise like your gimmick, start some real commotion
    Em I'm a fan, but toe to toe I could Stan
    You the goat, but you can't stop a battering ram
    Carti a** know he can't rap, stop playin' boi (Whole lotta b*******)
    You a kid reenacting action movies with toys (Pewn)
    Lil Uzi can't f*** with me, he ain't got enough rounds
    Do a 40 vert on yo a**, they'll hear how this poster sounds (Ahhh)
    Harlow don't want the drama, you need to add more muscle
    Fore I show you what's popping, and burst your little bubble (Pop)
    If Lil Baby's music ain't for Errybody, I don't want to hear it (I gotta be honest)
    Your pen game plays one song, why the f*** should I fear it?
    Da Baby gotta step up, he's still in potty training
    Dorian Gray in this gallery, still attached to that same old painting (S*** boring)
    Bhabie needs a pacifier, that girl's still a child (Goo-goo gaga)
    She clout chased Dr.Phil, and her a** is still wild
    Suburban white girls wanna rap (Whoa Vicky)
    Her music got the E.coli (Whoa s*****)
    If Tory wanna get in my lane, he gonna have to do more than just say it
    No apologies to Dax, no features, now save it
    Tell Meg to stop f****** up 90's hip hop hits
    Fore I get the Acepromazine, now you really gonna sit
    Does Bryson rap or sing, he gotta make up his mind
    I'm not sure if I should judge him by his notes or his rhymes (Trapsoul s***)
    Tell Jacquees take off them covers, 'fore I turn up the heat (Yeahee)
    They threw you a bone, now your teeth's on everyone's meat
    Ella Mai needs a hit project, not just a bunch of singles
    Your discography's just as plain as your diet (Dry a** Pringles)
    Ariana's a special guest on Van Pelt for her beat selection (Congratulations)
    Watch me use my bells and whistles for her ejection (Get yo a** out of here)
    Chaka got ten wrinkled toes, and she needs to plant 'em (For real)
    Cause you can't con anybody, when you f***** up the anthem
    I know who's the queen of R&B, and it ain't Najia (Kehlani)
    Don't lie to me saying you're Sasha Fierce aligned with the pariah (Em said it, not me)
    Lede's doing her own cooking, but not of it stirs (F*** is this s***?)
    She shares the throne with Najia, now she's saying I'm her (Good a** song, no lie)
    Cardi said she graduated, but she ain't got no diploma (How Sway?)
    The world got a taste of the WAP, but not everybody liked the aroma
    The Migos should be on SNL, cause all they do is ad-lib (Straight whack)
    Something I had to do, to sneak all the food out of Lizzo's crib (Bon Apetitty)
    If y'all give me a chance to name another whack ass rapper? (Don't care if he from the Chi)
    Who kisses a** on someone who should've been closed the chapter (Now you sound like a college dropout)
    If it's anybody I left off, y'all ain't safe from my wrath
    It's either all love, or cause you can't cleanse in a bloodbath

    I've done enough
    Thanks for y'all cooperation
    Imma start releasing my hostages one by one
    No beefs for real tho' man, it's just music
    Just letting y'all know I'm here
    Anybody got a f****** problem?
    Sharpen y'all f****** pen game, and leave that gun at home
    Cause I ain't scared of none of y'all m**********
    This is $nake Eyez on my ninja s*** twenty-four f****** seven to any rapper that want it
    Y'all m********** better stay in y'all box in that pineapple under the sea
    Cause if y'all try to come on my shores
    I'll leave y'all n***** flopping like y'all album sales, ya b******


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